Snowflake + Protecto

Scan for PII, audit user permissions,
and meet compliance

Reduces months of your effort to minutes

Check compliance and breach risks in minutes

We’re a close-knit team. We each have many years of experience in enterprise data, AI, security, and privacy engineering across the globe. We’re excited to apply our knowledge to solve data protection.

Discover personal data

Find personal data, ‘unhashed’ PII, open access, and hidden breach risks in your data lake.

Reduce data protection risks

Identify and prioritize data assets, activities, and users who cause the most privacy risks.

Demonstrate compliance

Prove compliance to internal security and privacy teams.

Low effort deployment without risk

Easy to deploy

Read-only access to data. No agents, appliances, or changes to user habits

Unused data

Find and reduce unused data. Save on storage and compliance costs

Effortless compliance

Make data protection and compliance a click away. Eliminate days of manual analysis

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A few dare to tackle daunting problems, but we get excited at the opportunity. We are working on one of the transformational problems. For instance, innovations in car safety such as seatbelts have enabled faster cars and broader adoption. Similarly, solving data privacy would enable more data and accelerate innovation 100x.

Amar Kanagaraj

Founder & CEO